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About me

I started playing the guitar at the age of 15, just strumming two or three chords over and over for hours, simply enjoying the sound that I could get from that fascinating piece of wood with 6 strings. After a while I started taking guitar lessons with private music teachers and at Artesuono School of Music, where, years later, I ended up teaching as well.

During the years I’ve attended several music courses and master classes with private teachers and in internationally acclaimed schools, such as the International Music Academy of Milan, and I earned the ALCM Diploma in Guitar Performance and Grade 8 Award in Music Theory at the London College of Music. This refined my technique, knowledge of harmony and musical sensibility which allowed me to be able to perform different musical genres, be it blues, metal, rock, acoustic, etc. On the videos page you can hear me playing in different styles.


After some years travelling and playing in Italy, Ireland and Canada, in 2013 I moved to Cambridge, England where I’m currently living and working as guitar teacher. I'm a regular at the jam sessions in and around Cambridge, I play guitar in the blues/funk/soul band

Live Affair and in the duo Paul & Mattia. Check the shows section of this website for live shows updates and come to see us play live!


The motivation and professional feedback I receive on every lesson is truly exceptional. The provided material is excellent and the lessons are well-organised. I am always looking forward impatiently to the next lesson!


I’ve really enjoyed working with Matt and he has improved my playing immensely. He is both patient and knowledgable and tailors each lesson so it's possible to see progress every week. 
He designs lessons around musical tastes and genres helping me to learn new songs as well as teaching the theory that helps to improve my overall skills. 
I would highly recommend!

I have been taking lessons from Matt for the past three years. I have found him to be very knowledgeable in music theory and practice. My playing has improved a lot since beginning the lessons although my brain doesn't like the theory much! However I'm starting to see how important this aspect is. I would recommend Matt to anybody wishing to improve their guitar playing and/or music knowledge.

I am an absolute beginner and I am having a lot of fun playing with Matt. He is going at my speed and helps me out with tips and tricks. Often when I come in after work I am a little stressed, but when I leave the tension seems to have evaporated. Thanks Matt!




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