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Lessons Overview


I have been teaching privately and in schools for 20 years, to children and adults of different levels and cultural backgrounds. I have also been involved in school concerts and managed musical ensembles.

I'm available for 1 to 1 or group lessons for acoustic or electric guitar. Lessons can be taken either in-person or online. 

Lessons are taught using professional teaching methods, in each lesson I assign the student specific homework and set a target for the following session, to aid progression and get concrete results.

With beginners we start with getting to know the instrument, how to tune the guitar and find the notes on the fingerboard, how to read tablatures and standard notation, learn the basics of chords and rhythms and play some simple tunes.

With intermediate and advanced students the topics go deeper into technique, groovy rhythm playing, soloing, theory and harmony. Lessons will also be adapted to the student's needs and requests, since I believe that having fun playing music is always a fundamental ingredient.

Guitar lessons Cambridge

Lessons' content:

- Technique

- Song learning

- Theory

- Harmony

- Chords voicings

- Scales

- Soloing

- Improvisation

- Sight reading

I have written 5 guitar methods which I use with my students. The methods are all available in the Store section of the website.

Online lessons

One of the great advantages of internet is the possibility to take lessons from one's own home. More and more students are moving from lessons in person to online lessons, saving time and money spent for travelling.

All you need is a good internet connection and a device with a camera and a microphone.

The online lessons work exactly the same as the live lessons ones. 

You will be able to hear and see what and how I play (and vice versa :))...

Guitar lessons Cambridge
Guitar lessons Cambridge

... I will share and send you the material in pdf format/audio files...

Guitar lessons Cambridge

... you will gain access to backing tracks to practice your soloing!

Guitar lessons Cambridge

For information about the cost and lessons plan, please contact me.

Click the button below to book your first free 30-minute online lesson!

Online lessons
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