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Solos and phrasing

Rosanna - Toto (Steve Lukather's solo)

This is a great solo by Steve Lukather on Toto's masterpiece Rosanna. The solo is in F major and is played on the major pentatonic and the major scale.

To be with you - Mr. Big (Paul Gilbert's solo)

This is the beautiful solo from the famous song "To be with you" originally played by Paul Gilbert. The solos reproduces the vocal melody and it's in the key of E major. You can find the standard notation and tab transcription are on the video.

White Christmas - Eric Clapton (solo)

This is the Eric Clapton's solo from his acoustic performance of this traditional Christmas song with an interesting bluesy arrangement. Enjoy!

While my guitar gently weeps - Eric Clapton (solo)

This is the solo by Eric Clapton performed live at the Concert for George.
The solo is all played on the A minor pentatonic scale.

Domenica lunatica - Vasco Rossi (Vince Pastano's solo)

This is the solo by Vince Pastano performed live at the Vasco NonStop 019 Concert.
The first part of the solo is in D minor and the solo is played on the D minor pentatonic and D blues scale. 
The second part is in D major and here the solo is played on the D major pentatonic with the addition of some chromatic notes and chord tones.

Lo Show - Vasco Rossi (Stef Burns' solo)

This is the solo by Stef Burns performed live at the Vasco Live Kom 016 Concert.
The song is in E minor and the solo is played using the minor pentatonic and natural minor scale. It features some interesting techniques, such as tapping and the use of the vibrato bar.

5 blues endings you must know!

In this video I demonstrate 5 of the most common blues endings. They are all in the key of D major and they must be practised in all the keys.
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